Leigh Arms

Little Leigh, Northwich

Bands who have played at the Leigh Arms

We have a regular live music night every Thursday from about 9:00pm. Many of the bands come from the local area and cover familiar rock and pop tunes. Many of these bands are also regulars at our summer 'Rhythm by the River' music festival. You will be sure to find something to your taste from the bands which have played at the Leigh Arms. 

The list below shows the bands that come to play, many of which have a Facebook page, Youtube videos or their own websites. Click on the links to find out more!

Ashley Fayth:   Canadian singer and acoustic guitarist, whose renditions of classic and contemporary covers are quirky, edgy and energetic! https://ashleyfayth.com/   https://www.facebook.com/ashleyfaythofficial

Beardsmith:    Fantastic four-piece band covering all the classic soft rock tunes. http://www.beardsmith.com/   https://www.facebook.com/Beardsmithweddingband/

Beaver:  High-energy, raw-sounding fantastic local four-piece band, plus harmonica.

Blind Summit Blues:  Four-piece band that perform rock, pop and funk tunes. http://www.blindsummitblues.co.uk/2801.html

Chicken Run:  Four-piece band with four-part harmonies, covering popular songs from all eras.

ColdFlame: Fantastic four-piece acoustic band covering all the classic soft-rock tunes.

Dirty Little Secret: Four-piece band playing Classic Rock and Indie tunes  https://www.facebook.com/dlswarrington/

Keith (Just Me): Local guitarist who has been part of the Cheshire music scene for many years, who joins us with his eclectic mix of popular songs.

Kenny: A local solo guitarist who plays wonderful rock and pop covers.

Pete Walker & Alec Johnson:  Two of the Leigh Arms favourite vocalists and guitarists who cover a a wide range of songs from the '60s through to the present day and including rock, soul, blues and country styles.

Pink Pumps:   A four-piece power-pop band that play covers everything from '60s bands, like The Who and  The Rolling Stones, all the way up to songs by the Stereophonics

Run For Cover:  Five-piece band covering Classic Rock & Pop tunes. They have played our Rhythm on the Water Music Festival and went down a storm

Small Mercies: Four-piece Northwich-local band playing blues with soul! For more information, visit their Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/smallmerciesbluesband/

Red River Band:   Four-piece good-time band doing great rock and pop covers.  https://www.facebook.com/The-Red-River-Band-426453697423514/

Tijuand Death Squad:  Four-piece good-time rock 'n roll band... with a Mexican twist!

Bohemian Kings: A fantastic five piece band. Covers for all ages from the 60s to the present day.

Gresty's Wasters:  Four piece band band doing a bit of indie and alternate rock.

Spitting Feathers:  Six piece covers band. Danceable pop from the 60s till now.

Scratch: Millennial mash up trio.

Stolen Property:  Four piece band playing music 60s to date. Covering Blues, Rock & Pop